About Us

Our Development Team

We’re justifiably proud of the team we’ve assembled. Initially numbering just two programmers, Talico has grown steadily and now has over 50 full time developers.

The Talico team is made up of highly-qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals each with their own area of expertise. Their experience spans the full range of custom software development, from small entrepreneurial projects to complex systems for major corporations.

Our Mission

Talico Consultants’ mission is to solve challenging technical problems in partnership with our clients.

How we achieve it:

We understand the business needs of our clients, and how technology can be a tool to make modern businesses more profitable.

Talico combines technical excellence with great customer service and value for money.

We value creativity and collaboration; ideas are shared and everybody contributes on an individual basis to the common goal.

What Makes Us Different

Our exceptionally deep technical expertise allows us to take on projects often perceived as too complex or difficult by other developers.We believe in working in partnership with our clients to understand their unique needs and working methods.

In our experience, working together consistently results in creating intelligent solutions to meet our client’s evolving business demands. This collaborative style of working has resulted in the development of award-winning software.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Located in the heart of Birmingham, UK.

Company: Talico Consultants is a private company owned by founder, Nick Fitzgerald.

Major Clients: NHS, Barclays, Toshiba, Carillion plc, Symonds Group, Chubb, Lafarge, Arla, Crane, AC Nielsen, Rubric, FilePlus, TruTac, Forex, SoftFacts, HML.